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Testimony from Daren & Paulette Suzuki   (Parents)    Twin Sons  9
As Kaulana and Kawika approached the milestone transitioning from elementary to middle school, we reflected upon the teachers that truly had an impact on their lives, beyond the chalkboard and classroom. Coach Daynin, in the very short time she had with them during Hawaii Biz Kids training, is definitely one of them as well. At the end of day one, they both returned home and immediately started their homework preparations for the next day, contrary to their normal school homework routine which required more prodding. It was evident that their confidence soared in the short time with the knowledge gained in public speaking and sales presentations. The Jiu Jitsu training is an added bonus as well to provide additional self-confidence, basic self-defense, and overall physical fitness. Coach Daynin’s enthusiasm and passion for the program are evident from the moment you meet her, and rest assured, your child will soar in all aspects of their life with the tools and knowledge gained from this program. We truly appreciate the commitment and efforts of Coach Daynin (Aunty Daynin as she is affectionately called by the boys) to enhance Kaulana and Kawika’s confidence and provide them with lifelong skills that can be applied to school interviews, job interviews, school presentations, etc. The list is long and endless…. Once again, thank you for Hawaii Biz Kids!

Testimony from Poni Askew    (Parent)     Son 10 & Daughter 7
Hawaii Biz Kids has been the best transition for us as first movers away from traditional schooling and into #homeschooling our two children. We are entrepreneurs and our kids are too! Thanks to Daynin Dashefsky and her brilliant business school for young entrepreneurs!! #startthemyoung

Testimony by Giji Galang    (Parent)      Son 10
Week two of http://www.hawaiibizkids.com/ and already excitement building from Jonah's new business called Color Art Keoni, personalized Art with a message. Mahalo to Daynin Dashefsky for creating that balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. It has sparked Jonah's new love for Jiu Jitsu and motivating such confidence in his speaking to a room full of people. I thoroughly enjoyed Jonah sharing with Rinnah how to create her own COG sheet for her lemonade stand and everyday he has been excited to share the fun with us from the various field trips he has gone to. He seems to be more responsible in his money spending, buying material for his upcoming trade show. Last night he was showing me the power of compounding interest, amazing. This is truly a gift to all parents...and there's still one more week left. I highly recommend all kids to attend this wonderful Hawaii Biz Kids Program in July.

Testimony by Kim Kaili   (Parent)          Son 12 and Daughter 10
I wanted to say thank you Daynin so much for taking the time and putting together the Biz Kids program. Keola and Kiana couldn't wait to come to class everyday, and even wanted to come on the weekends. What they have learned in the past three weeks is priceless. They are now comfortable talking in front of a crowd and I can see the confidence they have shining through. They are so motivated to create their product and can't wait till the tradeshow this coming Sunday. Kiana stayed up till 11 last night working on her product and as soon as she woke up this morning it's the first thing she wanted to do. Keola is also working diligently on creating a healthy snack that kids and their parents will enjoy. They both talk about the Biz Kid program and how they are learning to start their own business wherever they go, like at the dentist and at the grocery store! They talk so excitedly about their product and you can see the adults are so impressed! Thank you so much again for everything! I know the hours you put into this program are countless and it shows! ~ :)

Testimony by Johann Bosgra    (Parent)   Son 6
My son (6) loved the Hawaii Biz Kids experience!  I was excited to see his little dreams and ideas develop into a reality.  It was impressive to see, that in such a short amount of time, not only my son but all the kids in his class gain a sense of mastery and confidence in themselves, their interactions with others, and in public speaking.
I was a little skeptical at first because of my son's young age and how intense the course may be but all my concerns were quickly put to rest.  Day after day my son couldn't wait to go back.  And when I came to pick him up at 2pm he didn't want to go home.  He said he wanted me to pick him up later so he could spend more time with his friends.  It was like his home away from home.  I've had my son in other summer programs but none of them compare to Hawaii Biz Kids and the positive impact it had on him and our whole family.
Daynin is truly gifted in what she does. Everyday I knew my child was safe and in good hands.  Daynin is warm and friendly and a positive role model.  A dream builder. Daynin sets the kids up to succeed and helps them trust themselves.  Throughout the three weeks I watched the kids flourish in their social skills and newly learned business skills from watching Daynin.  She built those kids up and they saw themselves as capable and affirmed their ability to impact the community.

Testimony by Jay Seales    (Parent)     Son 14
From my point of view as a parent, I thought it was a great opportunity for Gabriel to learn about business, and to  be inspired by seeing the fruit of other people's hard work.
From Gabriel's perspective, he really enjoyed the course.   He especially enjoyed the camaraderie and friendships he developed with other students, and he also enjoyed the BJJ lessons.

Testimony by Tiffany Bui-Seales    (Parent)   Son 14
My son participated in Hawaii Biz Kids last summer. He loved every minute of it! The best part was being able to witness the entrepreneur in him come alive. He was extremely inspired and it gave him the confidence to welcome and embrace new challenges and to learn from them. Awesome program!!

Testimony by Kale Chang    (Parent)     Daughter 10
I've been a teacher for over ten years in an education system that promotes and produces employees. What I love about Hawaii Biz Kids, is that they enable and encourage kids to ask "Well, what if I want to be the boss? What if I'd like to own my own business??" It's an excellent alternative learning environment that focuses on the mind, body and spirit of the students.

Testimony by Yvette Frankel    (Parent)     Son 8
Words can hardly describe the experience I feel so fortunate my son was able to partake in with Hawaii Biz Kids.
As a mompreneur myself, Daynin, with her heart, dedication, and expertise in skills both on and off the mat, has procured a truly unique and amazing program. She walks her talk and her passion and dedication to the kids is phenomenal. Weaving both BJJ and business/entrepreneurialism into a fun-filled, creative, comprehensive, thoughtful, transformative and highly engaging kids program, Daynin and her wonderful staff helped my son gain greater skills on the mat, comradery, an even greater sense of health, discipline and respect, confidence, humility, public speaking, dealing with mindset in competition, and most importantly? Had a blast of a fun time in a loving atmosphere!
I can't say enough good things about Daynin and what she has created and continues to cultivate with Hawaii Biz Kids. In fact, so, amazing we made sure to fly in from Michigan and block out the dates early on to participate again! And we shall continue to do so! I'm even gonna roll in her adult classes too!

Testimony by Brandy Costales    (Parent)        2 Sons 9 & 11,  Daughter 12
Hawaii kids biz is an amazing program!! Kids used their skills they learned to make their trade show a HIT!!! Even my 9 year old Made over $250 in 2 hours!!!! They now realize "hustling" and hard work PAYS OFF!!!!

Testimony by Rochelle Saldana    (Parent)       Daughter 11
The kids are deep into their business lessons. They had a great field trip to Kahala last week. Saw the mall from a business perspective and learned how to set up a "store" and welcome their customers. Each child has a great product (and some, products!), and the kids just blew my mind as far as creativity. Grateful to have Daynin Dashefsky bless these kids with her experience and knowledge. Come see! And support our Keiki!
The kids are deep into their business lessons. They had a great field trip to Kahala last week. Saw the mall from a business perspective and learned how to set up a "store" and welcome their customers. Each child has a great product (and some, products!), and the kids just blew my mind as far as creativity. Grateful to have Daynin Dashefsky bless these kids with her experience and knowledge. Come see! And support our Keiki

Testimony by Cathy Plot    (Parent)       Son 8
Hawaii Biz Kids is superior bar none, in a class of its own-- because, there is NOTHING else like it at all.
It is superior bar none, because of the program's Founder & Creator- Daynin Dashefsky. Hawaii Biz Kids is her concept. And it provides kids with a real dream of realizing their potential and putting their ideas into a tangible concrete course of action, learning about business, learning about Entrepreneurship, learning about being their best and knowing how to problem solve and succeed.
Sensei Daynin also teaches the children Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defense and how to handle Bullying. Martial Arts, of course, gives the kids a solid sense of self and confidence and a set of ethics that is a part of daily life.
With business learning & public speaking skills in hand with Jiu Jitsu-- the children learn a well-rounded sense of self, that through practice and hard-work and FUN, they can be successful and be adept at speaking while being poised and "professional" about it. Many things which even Adults have not mastered yet! By teaching a child these things while they are still young, they will be ahead in mind/body/spirit. It is not just learning to have money and get it... but learning the smarts about it and how to grow it. Our son gets it and how lucky he is to learn all of this, and he is jazzed about it all.
Daynin is in a class of her own with her innate and intrinsic ability of teaching and coaching and mentoring children, of all ages. Of all personalities, of all abilities or not, no one can imitate her nor the genuine original inventive knowledge & caring she shares with her students. The rapport she has with children is outstanding. There is no artifice or attitude or fluff to her or this program. It is real and solid fun learning.
Our son Antoine is 8 years old. And he LOVES this class and his Sensei Daynin and his fellow peers! He is enrolled in another type of summer program as well, but THIS is the program that lights his fire. And he told us that he wants to go AGAIN to this program. He doesn't want to stop going. That... is the type of spark that we as parents hope our child will always be gifted with. Our son is learning things from this program that is non-academic. That is non-traditional. It speaks to the WHOLE child. And it is invaluable. Our Son: “This program and Sensei Daynin, is just awesome! It is perfect.”Type your paragraph here.